Your love is candidly unique and I believe your wedding film should have that familiar chemistry. 

I am driven by a passion for documenting life's greatest moments and finding the individual beauty and unique characteristics that makes a couples love truly one-of-a-kind.

I nerd out when it comes to tech related things. 
I LOVE listening to peoples stories.
Podcasts keep me awake while I drive.
I've watched the Office far too many times.
Space and SciFi are my go-to movies.
I LOVE making videos and capturing moments!

I'm someone that lives by the motto, "Life's too short to be unhappy." I thrive off of positive energy and the most joyful parts of life. Growing up, I used to run around with a camcorder filming family and friends, not knowing I'd be able to do that for a living. After several years of filming weddings, I've developed a passion for capturing each couple's unique chemistry. Without sounding too sappy, some of my fondest memories in life have been spent with these couples at their weddings. 


Smiling is probably
my favorite thing in life

What else about me? hmm let me think... 

This is my wife Lauren. We are high school sweet hearts that are both extroverted introverts.

We love the following:
     > Each other (ew)
     > Cats
     > Movies
     > Traveling
     > Anything that’s binge-worthy
     > Goofing around
     > Helping people
     > Creating memories together


Tackling life together since 2008

married in September of 2016


no travel fee within 300 miles

(ask about alternate pricing for states outside the midwest)


1-3 minute

6-8+ minute

(on average 12-14 hours per wedding)

How do we deliver your films?

we use a video platform called Vidflow that creates a seamless viewing experience.

My Passion

Your Story 

let's do this

capturing personality

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